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Three (3) tips for managing your anger

Three (3) tips for managing your anger

Anger is an integral part of our daily lives, no one can escape a bad comment about their appearance, an unfulfilled expectation, a stubborn driver... And as a result, we turn red with rage, we start to make all kinds of remarks or still procrastinating. In these kinds of situations, we lose all control. Know that self-control needs to be worked on.

Akasantech presents 3 tips for managing your anger:

  1. Look at a photo

According to psychologist Nathalie Dédebant, diverting your attention to something happy will calm your anger. You will relive the pleasant emotion thanks to the visualized photo.

When you're angry, look at a photo that depicts good times. You might find yourself smiling.

  1. Change locations

Depending on where you are, or the reason for your anger, changing locations will allow you to disconnect from the cause of your anger. If you are at home, change rooms.

  1. Play sports

Sport has multiple benefits for our well-being. When you put your body into action, you release negative energy. The anger will then be less intense and you will be able to reason more.

There are other tips for calming down, can you share them with us in the comments?

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