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3 tips for sleeping well at night

3 tips for sleeping well at night

Sleep plays an important role in the functioning of our body, in fact it ensures the proper functioning of your memory faculties of the brain and acts as a restorative.

However, bad habits can prevent these mechanisms. How to improve the quality of your sleep?

Akasan Tech presents 3 tips:

  1. Take a shower

Bathing before sleeping gives you a feeling of freshness, especially during this period of intense heat. Take your shower 1 hour before going to bed. This reduces the chances of waking up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat.

  1. Relax

Sometimes stress prevents us from sleeping well. Relax and remember 3 positive things you accomplished during the day. This process will help you sleep easier.

  1. Stay away from screens

Studies have already shown that late use of screens reduces sleep time and alters its architecture: “techno-addicts” wake up more often during the night, they have less deep sleep and have more nightmares. In this sense, prioritize your sleep by closing your electronic gadgets.

Furthermore, sleeping well has positive consequences on the quality of your day, it allows you to have a productive day.

What other benefits do good hours of sleep give us?

Share your opinions with us.

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