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3 tips for succeeding as a teacher in Haiti

3 tips for succeeding as a teacher in Haiti
Right now, the financial situation is chaotic. The schools are closed, there is no more activity, it's been around 3 months.
The majority of teachers depend exclusively on the functioning of schools and universities to meet their needs. How to get back on track during this difficult time?
Akasan Tech offers you 3 ways to succeed as a teacher in Haiti:
1. Get better at technology.
Technology in today's time, plays an important role in the life of every human being. We use it to stay connected, to learn, to educate ourselves and even to earn money.
Knowledge of technology can present you with multiple opportunities.
2. Give online courses.
Once you have the necessary knowledge in technology, present online courses in the field in which you excel. Don't limit yourself to just one application, there are several others allowing you to give online courses.
Experiment and choose the one best suited to your situation.
3. Invest in other areas of business.
Find another source of income, for example you can invest in agriculture, in food products, in cosmetic products...
Diversifying your sources of income will give you the ability to deal with unforeseen events.
There are other ways to adapt to the current crisis as a teacher.
Can you give some advice to our dear teachers?

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