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“See you at the top”

“See you at the top”

An adage tells us: great leaders are great readers. As an example we can take the multi-billionaire Bill Gates who reads practically a book per week. Make reading an asset to succeed in your life.

Akasantech encourages you to read today a book by Zig Ziglar titled: “See you at the top”

In this book, the author tells us that to reach the top you need to set goals, have a plan, write down your ideas for changes somewhere and look at them daily to get your attention. You also have to learn to sell yourself, say what you do, share your knowledge with others. This will allow you to grow and encourage others to grow too. This book will help you eliminate bad thoughts and get to the top.

This is a good motivational book to put you on the path to success.

What book have you already read?

Share your favorite titles with us in the comments.

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